Barrie Farmers’ Market opening Saturday for pickup of online orders

No in-person sales when market opens Saturday

The Barrie Farmers’ Market isn’t going to let a global pandemic slow them down.

The regular downtown Barrie mainstay is pivoting to digital orders, with a curbside pickup expected to open this Saturday, and every Saturday for now. You must place an order in advance, through the Farmers’ Market website, for pickup that same week. The online store opens Monday at 8am and closes Friday at 8am.

You can only pay online. No in-person payment will be accepted.

Simcoe County Farmers Markets

When picking up an order, approach the physical marketplace along Worsley Street, and enter the parking lot at Mulcaster. You’ll be stopped at the entrance where you’ll have to give your name and order number, and after the order is confirmed, you’ll drive through the parking lot to the pickup area at the opposite end. Pop your trunk and your order will be placed in the vehicle.

Walk-up customers will have to let staff know you’re there at the canopy-covered waiting area near the Mulcaster St. entrance. There, you’ll give your name and order number, and your order will be brought to you. You’re expected to remain at least six feet away from other customers and staff the whole time.

For the time being, there will be no in-person sales at the Barrie Farmers’ Market on Saturdays; vendors will not be bringing extra products above and beyond what was previously ordered.