Barrie Film Festival goes to the Drive-in!

If you’re a film fan, you probably already know that Barrie Film Festival has been providing opportunities to check out unique, independent, and limited-run films all year-round. Well, they’re back and teaming up with Sunset Drive-in for another screening and this one’s a double feature!

Here’s what’s playing:

Military Wives

With their partners away serving in Afghanistan, a group of women on the home front form a choir and quickly find themselves at the centre of a media sensation and a global movement. This feel-good comedy/drama was directed by Peter Cattaneo, who also directed The Full Monty.


Greed and class discrimination threatens the newly formed symbiotic relationship between the wealthy Park family and the destitute Kim clan. Most people have heard of this movie by now considering it absolutely cleaned up at the Oscars, winning Best Picture, Best Director, Best Foreign Language Film, and Best Original Screenplay.

If you’re interested in attending, Sunset Drive-in has a few social distancing rules in place. Playgrounds, dog parks, and volleyball courts are closed, you must remain in your vehicle with the exception of concession and washroom trips (no lawn chairs), and one vehicle is to be centred between each pair of poles.

This Barrie Film Festival double feature kicks off at 9:25 p.m. on July 8 and you can grab your tickets here.