Barrie Jobless Rate Sees Slight Rise, Still Among Ontario’s Lowest

Provincial, Federal Unemployment Rates Remained Unchanged

Barely a wiggle on Barrie’s jobless front, but it’s still among the lowest in the land.

Statistics Canada is out today with February unemployment numbers, saying Barrie’s went up a tenth of a percentage point to 5.2 per cent. Only about a half dozen communities have lower rates.

Data Courtesy Statistics Canada Shows An Overall Decline in Unemployment Since 2010

On the provincial level, the jobless rate remains at 5.6, where it’s sat almost unchanged since at least October of last year. While the rate hasn’t budged, there were more jobs gained in the province, by about 36,900.

Meanwhile, the federal jobless rate didn’t change much either; it remains at 5.7 month over month, while the economy did produce way more jobs than expected. Economists were expecting a flat showing for February, maybe a thousand jobs overall, but 56 thousand were created, many of them said to be full time.