Barrie man turns his Twitter greetings into a book of feel-good Sunrise Salutations

Jeff Riddall has been tweeting out good morning messages for years, and turned it into a passion project

Good morning, rise and shine, wakey wakey eggs n’ bakey.

There are many ways to say good morning, but one Barrie man has made it an art form.

For several years, Jeff Riddall had been greeting the world on Twitter with morning salutations.

He explains, “every morning, I would say good morning in some way, shape, or form, whether it was a rhyme, pun, or making references to the day of the week. For example, ‘happy not so great morning’ if it was Monday, and “excited morning wishes’ on a Friday.

image from Sunrise Salutations

Until recently, those greetings were in the twitter-verse, but now, they’re available in print in his new book titles “Sunrise Salutations: The mostly early morning ramblings of an eternal optimist.

Riddall began putting his salutations into a book at the beginning of the pandemic.

He Explains. “I started by downloading my Twitter feed and combing through 30 thousand tweets.

Then I took what I thought were the best ones and whittled it down into something I thought was consumable as the book is only 45 pages. “

Jeff says the musings are his own, but he had a lot of help with making the book what it is.

“I got several of my friends to help edit, and one of my good friends “Franco” did some illustrations for each chapter. They really helped make the book.”

image from Sunrise Salutations

In addition to the book making you smile, Riddall says fifty percent of the proceeds are going to Gildas Club Simcoe Muskoka.

“It’s an organization near and dear to my family’s heart,” he explains. “I have unfortunately lost a few people to cancer over the last six years, including friends, my father, and my mother-in-law. Gilda’s Club provides a really good service to the community.”

The book was never about money for Jeff.

He admits, “It was a passion project, primarily for me, to say that I did it, but I would still like to raise some funds and help out Gildas’ Club.

To get your copy, you can head to Sunrise Salutations.

You can also follow Jeff for his morning greetings on Twitter @JRiddall