Barrie woman Wins The Price Is Right Showcase Showdown including two trips and a brand new car!

you're the next contestant!

Update: You can watch the full episode right now on Youtube and spoiler alert; Jennifer does better than we imagined!

If you were ever sick in the ’90s, chances are you remember days on the couch filled with chicken noodle soup, cough medicine, and endless episodes of The Price Is Right. Well, one lucky local named Jennifer got the opportunity to attend a taping of the show and to try and hear those magic words “come on down”, and we got to ask her a few questions about her experience:

Q: If you get up on the stage, what game does she hope to play?
A: “My first pick would be Plinko, then Cliff Hangers, then Punch a Bunch.  Those are the 3 games that immediately come to mind when thinking of all the games on the show.”
Q: Do you hope to hear the announcer yell “a new car!” like he always does, or are you hoping for a different prize?
A: I think everyone who attends the show is hoping to hear those magic “a new car” words come from the announcer.  It’s so iconic and the audience goes wild, who wouldn’t want to be part of that excitement.
Q: Would you have preferred to play in the days when Bob Barker was the host?
A: In all honesty Bob Barker was who I watched every day growing up so for a long time it’s who I associated with this show and will forever hold a special place in my heart.  After being in the audience though and seeing Drew, how fun and personable he was, I had a blast and was happy to attend with him as the host.

Q: How did you get on the show in the first place?
A: Watching a live episode of The Price is Right was always a dream of mine, as I’m sure it is for a lot of people.  When we decided to take a trip to L.A. I thought why not look up what the chances are to get tickets, couldn’t hurt right?  I told myself there was no way I’d get a ticket… there was probably a waiting list a year long and we were heading there in less than a week. I checked their site and could not believe my luck!  We were able to register for free confirmed tickets for the day we would be in town.  As long as we showed up on time, we were guaranteed a seat in the audience and a chance to play.  I’ll be honest I checked that ticket daily leading up to make sure I was actually reading it correctly as I couldn’t believe my childhood dream was one step closer.
Q: How did you prepare/practice at home?
A: As soon as the tickets were secured we started watching previous episodes every night!  Running through each game with answers we would give and practice how we would run down the aisle if we were called up.  It was actually a lot of fun imagining what you would say if you were spinning the wheel and Drew asked you if you wanted to say hi to anyone.  (We practiced our hello speech to make sure we weren’t caught off guard)  Finally after doing a few push-ups to make sure the wheel would spin all the way around I felt confident that if my name was called I’d be ready!

If you want to catch the episode Jennifer was on it will be premiering May 27th at 11:00 AM on CBS.