City of Barrie seeks financial penalties for lack of yard waste collection

'This is obviously negligence when it comes to a contractual obligation'

The City of Barrie is hoping to have the yard waste bag issue cleared up in the next couple of weeks.

They also say they are seeking financial penalties from the contractor over the nonfulfilment of its agreement with the city to collect the bags.

During a media conference on Tuesday, Mayor Alex Nuttall said the contractor has been informed of this.

“The city is seeking financial penalties on behalf of the taxpayers in accordance with our contract due to non-fulfilment and negligence of contractual responsibilities,” said Nuttall.

“As we’ve heard from residents around the city, and we’ve also experienced ourselves, this is obviously negligence when it comes to a contractual obligation.”

Bags of leaves and other yard waste have been sitting at the curb for weeks in some parts of the city.

The contractor blames a shortage of workers, while the city says it has called back some seasonal staff to help clear the bags.

Saturdays were recently added to the collection days.

The city says they expect to clear the bags in the next few weeks.

Regular garbage and recycling collections have not been affected.

“It’s unacceptable that basic services are not being provided by the contractor,” said Nuttall.

Banner image – Ian MacLennan – Barrie 360