Blade Runner live-action series coming to Prime Video

From the studio behind another epic sci-fi series

A new live-action series called Blade Runner 2099 is being developed by Amazon and is being fast-tracked to the small screen.

The new series will be a direct follow-up to the most recent film, Blade Runner 2049, which was highly praised by both fans critics alike. While the start of the film, Ryan Gosling, won’t be returning for the series (not yet, anyway), the legendary director of the original 1982 film, Ridley Scott is an executive producer for the series.

Both films were loose adaptations (though, the original followed the book a little closer) of a novel called Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?. Set it in a dystopian Los Angeles in 2019 (which must have seemed so far into the future for the 80s) where synthetic humans known as replicants are used for the most dangerous and physically tasking jobs across humanities space colonies.

Oh, and many of them aren’t exactly happy about it.

Another good sign for the series is that the company behind this new show is also responsible for another space-faring sci-fi show with very high grades across the board: The Expanse.

The project is currently under “priority development” at Amazon, meaning scripts, casting, and production are being fast-tracked. While it’s still early and there are no details about the story (besides that it’s set 50 years after the most recent film) or who will star in the series, there are rumours that if the project moves forward, Scott may bump himself from just a producer to directing the series as well.

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More Ridley Scott directed Blade Runner content? Yes, please.

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