Board game-esque Civilization VI is free until May 28th

Build an empire that will last...until the next match

If you’ve been looking for something to occupy your time, Civilization VI is free right now on the Epic Games Store until May 28th. No strings attached.

Civilization is a turn-based (meaning the action doesn’t play out in real-time) video game series that started all the way back in 1991 and offers a heavy dose of strategy for those who are willing to put in the time (and we’ve all got plenty of that don’t we?).

You pick from over 30 real-world civilizations and try to work your way from 1 primitive city to global domination through the use of science, culture, domination, or religion. The game definitely has a learning curve but it also has a set of extensive tutorials to teach you the basics and beyond. The best part is that each game plays out in board game style turns so you don’t have to be a mouse and keyboard wiz to play, you can take you time. You can also choose to play against A.I opponents with varying difficulties, online against real people, or even create a private game with your friends.

To download the game all you have to do is head over to the Epic Games Store, create an account, download the launcher, and then add the game to your collection. It isn’t the most graphically intensive game so even older computers should be able to run it if you drop the settings down to low.

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