Boat Show Anchors at East Bayfield

Council Gives Final Nod to Renting Out East Bayfield For Show Also Focusing On Fishing and Outdoor Living

East Bayfield will play host to a Barrie boat show.

City council gave the notion the final nod in chambers last night, allowing the recreation centre to be closed down six days to hold the Boat, Fishing, and Outdoor Show in early February of next year.

Over 140 companies are expected to be involved in this production, supplying boats, watercraft, fishing gear, and other local products.

The company behind the show, Continuum Productions, is said to have hosted numerous similar events since its creation in 2005. It is renting the facility from the city for a fee of $50,000.

The show is a pilot project for 2020; if the initial event is successful, it is expected to be approved for an additional two years.