Friends and family paid tribute to Bob Saget on first anniversary of his death

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Friends and family of the late Bob Saget paid tribute to the comedian on the first anniversary of his death.

Saget was found dead in his Orlando, Florida, hotel room on January 9, 2022, after performing at a stand-up comedy club.

On the sad anniversary, his wife, Kelly Rizzo posted a message on social media saying:

“I AM THE LUCKIEEST! I am the luckiest that I got to be his wife. I am the luckiest that I got to live with his warmth, and laughter, and brilliance, and love. I am the luckiest that I get to have his girls by my side. I am the luckiest that I got to watch him first hand help people, make them happy, and make the world a better place. Some people can live 1,000 lifetimes and never live a life as fully as he did. And to that I have to say, Well Done. You really won life, honey.”

His longtime friend John Mayer chimed in with a beautiful message :

“One year ago today, we lost Bob Saget. I loved that guy. I love saying ‘I loved that guy.’ Soon after he left us, I couldn’t finish those three words without falling apart, but now I say it with all the simplicity and complexity that love itself entails.”

Sagest Full House costars also shared their stories of him including Dave Coulier, who said he still reaches for the phone to call his friend.

“At some point today, I’ll think about how much I miss him and I’ll shed some tears. Then I’ll hear Bob’s voice, and it’ll make me laugh. Enjoy the gifts of life while they’re still here with you. Tell those you love that you love them…and hug them like Bob Saget.”

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