Boots & Clothes Needed For Men Left Homeless after Collingwood House Fire

Family sets up GoFundMe to help men left with nothing

There’s a call for help from people close to the three men left with nothing after a fire that ripped apart their lives. The men need boots, clothes and basically anything else you can help with. There’s a fundraiser now to help the men with the bare essentials and to support their well-being.

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Blacky was lost in the fire

The fire on december 5th destroyed the home and everything in it. The men who occupied the home are between the ages of 54-62 years-old. Family members of one of the men says they did not have insurance and basically have nothing left.

62-year-old Guy Bezeau (left) is trying to rebuild his life following devastating fire.

62-year-old Guy Bezeau lost his dog Blacky in the fire and his son says he’s really struggling to keep it together. In his post on GoFundMe, Christian Bezeau says he can see it in his father’s eyes.

“Even though he has a positive attitude, I can see he is struggling.”

Christian Bezeau

Roommates of Bezeau, Corey Page and Pooran Singh are also in need of donations. The men need shoes, boots, clothes and financial support.

The Red Cross put the men up in a hotel for three nights and now Bezeau says one of the builders they work for offered his house for a few days to keep the men safe from this current cold spell.

The men are in need of size 8 to 10.5 boots/shoes, size 32/34 waisted pants and large sized clothing. Click here to donate.