Boy who played hide and seek and prompted a search by South Simcoe Police sends cops a thank you note

"You deserve a reward!"

From the South Simcoe Police Facebook page

Tuesday, August 11, 2020.

“Thanks For Finding Me”
Youngster Who Prompted Missing Child Search Pens Note to Police

A seven-year-old boy whose game of hide and seek prompted a missing child search has sent a note of thanks and apology to South Simcoe Police Service. Recently we were called to a report of a missing boy who was staying with his grandparents at their home near the water, causing heightened concern for his whereabouts and safety. Neighbours were already searching for the boy when officers arrived. Police also started scouring the area and began a thorough search of the home. After 30 minutes, police found the boy hiding under a bed in a spare bedroom. He was playing a game of hide and seek. Officers learned the child enjoys the game so much, he often doesn’t even tell family members when the game has started, causing his loved ones a lot of stress. This time, the child heard everyone calling his name but it only prompted him to hide longer, staying in his secret spot for about an hour. Officers spoke to the boy and suggested different strategies that would lead to safer games.

Later that day, the youngster wrote officers a note which was shared by his grandparents who gave us permission to share it with our followers.

“Dear Police, I’d really like to say sorry that I sent a bunch of your men just because of a stupid game. So this note was just to say sorry and thanks for finding me. You deserve a reward!”

His relieved grandparents were grateful for the police response and positive outcome.

“I want to compliment all of the responders involved. The 911 dispatcher was fantastic, your officers and all resources descended on our property very quickly and did their job with both skill and compassion,” his grandfather wrote. “Clearly, at the time of the call, he (our grandson) did not comprehend what his “game” could put in motion. Thanks to your officers, who were both compassionate and forceful with him, he does now. My wife and I want to give you and your force our heartfelt thanks for the amazing response and help you gave us that traumatic day. We will remember it always.”

Thank you for the notes that brought smiles to our faces. Above all, we’re glad the child was located safe and sound.

Just like we told that young adventurer, play safe kiddos and always let adults know what you’re doing and where you’re going.