Bracebridge residents should follow a few easy steps now that a boil water advisory has ended

Mayor Graydon Smith has a few suggestions

A boil water advisory in Bracebridge has ended.

The advisory was issued on Sunday after a large watermain break in the Wharf Road area that compromised water quality for residents. Crews worked through the night to fix the damage, and the advisory remained in effect after repairs were completed.

Now that it is lifted, residents will want to follow some steps before they resume regular use and consumption of municipal water. Mayor Graydon Smith said via Twitter the first step is to let the cold-water faucet run for a minimum of five minutes before using the water, and the same goes for drinking fountains. He advises that water softeners be run through a regeneration cycle.

All water filters, including those in reverse osmosis units, should be replaced. This applies to carbon filters as well.

Mayor Smith suggests flushing, cleaning, and sanitizing all appliances with water line connections, like those on your refrigerator’s ice machine. He adds those ice machines should be drained and flushed, and any ice made during the advisory be tossed. Soda fountain machines should also be flushed.