Bucket list: Go to Japan, zipline into Godzilla’s mouth

We call him...

Part of the Awaji Island Anime Park, the new Godzilla attraction celebrates Japan’s most famous Kaiju in some pretty fun ways.

While the opening was initially delayed (surprise, surprise) it is now open to the public where fans can visit the Godzilla museum to see real props from the movies, eat at a restaurant that serves special Godzilla themed dishes, or visit the main attractions…the Godzilla Zipline. Pictures of the ride popped up online while the park was under construction, but now that it’s finished, the wait is over and guests can plunge straight into the belly of the beast.

Since debuting in 1954, Godzilla has appeared in over 30 films and has grown into a massive phenomenon in Japan expanding into everything from books, to anime, to video games, and now you can add amusement parks to that list.

Featured image courtesy of Nerdist via nerdist.com