Published August 30, 2022

7 Easy And Budget-Friendly Ideas For Updating Your Bedroom

Make your bedroom a space you truly love!
Budget Bedroom Ideas

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No matter what your design aesthetic is, a bedroom that helps you relax and unwind is a must. If you’re looking for quick ways to infuse personality into your bedroom on a budget, here are 7 ideas for you to try. 

1. Apply A Fresh Coat Of Paint (Or Wallpaper)

Giving your bedroom a fresh coat of paint is one of the easiest ways to give your room a new look. Try light blues, greens and purples for a calming feel. For more energy, choose bold and intense shades. If you like to change your aesthetic more often, try neutral shades that will compliment accessories of any colour. 

Even a fresh coat of white paint can make your space look cleaner, brighter and more welcoming. 

When painting a room, don’t forget to paint the door, casings, moldings and baseboards. It may seem like a lot of extra work, but putting the time in will go a long way when refreshing your space. 

If you’re looking to make a statement, consider an accent wall for impact. You can use a bold paint colour, add fun wallpaper or even hang fabric on the wall. 

2. Upcycle Your Furniture 

You don’t have to stop at painting your walls. You can also give your furniture a fresh coat of paint to give it a new look. This is a great way to update your furniture without breaking the bank. 

Another easy way to refresh your furniture is to replace the hardware. This simple change can really affect the way your furniture influences your space.  

For upholstered pieces, consider updating the fabric or using a slipcover to change the look and feel of the furniture. 

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3. Update Your Drapes

Curtains and blinds often get forgotten but they can quickly change the look and feel of your room. 

To freshen up your space, update your blinds or give your current set a good clean. If you want to add personality to your bedroom, look for curtains and drapery in a colour and pattern that speaks to you. 

For smaller spaces, consider floor to ceiling drapes to add height to the room. If your room lacks natural light, use lighter curtains to let in more light. To block out light at night, layer sheers for the day with black out curtains or curtains made of thicker fabrics. 

You can also update your curtain rods and tiebacks to refresh your space. Or, for an easier update, change out your finials, which are the decorative ends of curtain rods. 

4. Install New Light Fixtures 

A new light fixture can add a lot of personality to the space. If changing the ceiling fixture is out of the question, upgrade or add lamps and accent lighting, like sconces and task lights. These can help make your space more functional and add more interest. 

You can also change up your lighting by replacing old, intense bulbs with lights that have a warmer glow. This will make the space more welcoming, luxurious and cozy. 

5. Change The Layout Of Your Room 

Moving your furniture around is one of the easiest ideas for to updating your bedroom. Studies show that this simple step can help elevate moods and give you a feeling of satisfaction. 

Before you start to move everything around, make sure to tidy your space and declutter. This will make moving much easier and give you an opportunity to get rid of items that no longer bring you joy or functionality. 

6. Invest In Some New Decor

The items in your bedroom have a big influence on how your space makes you feel. Investing in some key decor pieces can help you add personality without making permanent changes. They are also incredibly easy to change out depending on your mood or the season.  

If you want to update your bedding, consider investing in new accent pillows and throw blankets. These will give your bed a more luxurious feel without having to replace all your bedding. You can also invest in some budget friendly prints and artwork. 

For extra impact, find one key piece of decor that draws attention and reflects the look you're going for. To help keep the space cohesive,  pick items that coordinate with that piece. To add interest, choose decor items with different patterns and textures. 

Rugs are another great way to add interest to your space. Not to mention they can be an affordable way to cover damaged or stained flooring. If your looking for ideas on how to make your bedroom look bigger, choose a large rug that lays under your furniture. For more interest, layer rugs of different textures and contrasting colours.

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7. Make Your Own Headboard

This may sound like a complicated feat but there are lots of different headboard projects for different skill levels. 

If you like to build things, you can make your own wooden or upholstered headboard from scratch. Alternatively, you can give the illusion of a headboard by using a contrasting paint colour or wallpaper where a headboard would be. You can even hang a curtain up behind your bed to act as a headboard if you’re looking for a softer look that’s easy to swap out.  

Why You Should Update Your Bedroom 

Your bedroom is where you go to unwind after a long day. That means it not only needs to be relaxing and comfortable, but also a space that you want to spend time in. 

While there are lots of different ways to update your bedroom, these 7 ideas will make the biggest impact while helping you stick to a budget. 

So stop daydreaming … It’s time to make your bedroom a space that you truly love!

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