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9 Creative Deck Ideas To Enhance Your Outdoor Space

Create an outdoor oasis

This Barrie 360 content is brought to you by United Lumber Home Hardware

Decks are a summer dream! They add to the available living space during warmer months and give you a private space to enjoy time outdoors. 

But with all the things to do inside of our homes, our decks can sometimes get away from us. That’s why a lot of people spend more time stressing about their decks than enjoying them.  

The good news is, there are tons of great deck ideas that can help make your backyard into the oasis you’ve always wanted. 

9 Ideas To Enhance Your Deck

From something as easy as adding decor to more impressive projects like building a gazebo, there are lots of ways you can enhance your deck. 

1. Restain Your Deck 

One of the best ways to refresh your deck is to give it a new coat of colour with an outdoor stain or paint. Not only will it enhance the look of your space, it will also help prevent mold, rot and water damage. All of which helps your deck last longer. 

Before you start brushing on your new stain, be sure to sand and powerwash your deck. This will help make sure the stain adheres. 

2. Dress It Up With Patio Furniture And Decor 

When the weather is nice, you want to spend as much time enjoying your outdoor space as you can. That’s why it’s important for your deck to not only look nice, but be comfortable as well. The best way to do this is by bringing the comforts of your home’s interior outside. 

First you’ll want to add seating, tables and other outdoor furniture to create a living space. Be sure to pick furniture that fits your deck’s use. If you use it for lounging, add comfy chairs made with weather safe materials. If it’s for dining, you’ll want a large table with plenty of seating. 

If you already have furniture but it looks a little worn out, consider a fresh coat of paint. Make your deck stand out by choosing an accent colour that contrasts with your stain. Or pick a bold colour that will really pop. 

To make it even more comfortable, you can add some simple decor items like vases, bowls or flowerpots. Outdoor pillows are another great option for adding colour and comfort.

To help complete the look, roll out an outdoor rug. They make your space feel more cozy and can help bring a colour scheme together. They also have functional benefits like separating spaces and protecting finishes.

3. Use Container Plants 

Another way to add colour to your deck is by adding planters. They’ll also add new textures and bring a touch of life that will make the space more inviting. 

While standing planters are always a good choice, there are other options to choose from. You can use hanging planters to fill up empty spaces along walls or between posts on covered decks. If you want to avoid adding more clutter to a busy deck, you can add planter boxes to your railings. 

When selecting plants for your deck, make sure they’re appropriate for the amount of sun your space gets. If your deck gets lots of sun, you can even plant herbs and veggies to enjoy throughout the warmer months. 

To add interest, you can also play with different heights and colours. To do this, try combining decorative trees with creeping vines and flowering plants. 

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4. Add More Shade 

There are few things more relaxing than enjoying the sun from your own outdoor oasis. But sometimes it’s nice to get out of the sun while taking in your space. 

The good news is that there are tons of great ways to add shade to your deck. 

The first is a pergola. This is an outdoor structure with four pillars that support beams or rafters. You can leave the top open to let in slats of sunshine for partial shade, or you can cover them for more shelter. Many designers like to drape outdoor fabrics over beams. 

While pergolas can be free standing, attaching them to your home’s exterior can help add strength. 

A gazebo is another outdoor structure that you can install on or near your deck. They’re like a pergola but gazebos always have a closed roof. They’re also often round with a lifted floor, but this is not always the case. 

Looking for shade without having to install an entirely new structure? 

Consider investing in a patio umbrella, sun shade or awning. All these will provide a shady space and add interest to your deck. 

5. Install A Bar

If you like to entertain, add a bar or beverage station to your deck. You can build a more permanent structure or use movable options like a cart or shelving unit. 

When designing your bar, make sure you have a large surface for prepping drinks. You’ll also want somewhere to store glassware and ingredients. If you don’t want to leave glassware outside when the deck isn’t in use, place them on trays. That way you can easily carry them back and forth from your kitchen. 

Another good addition to any outdoor bar is a basin for chilling drinks. But make sure you can lift the basin out or that it has a plug. This will make it easier to drain melted ice. 

If you want to take your outdoor bar a step further, turn it into an outdoor kitchen with:

  • BBQs and smokers
  • Plumbed in sink 
  • Countertops 
  • Storage 
  • Outdoor burners 
  • Bar fridge 

6. Increase Privacy 

If you would like some privacy from your neighbours or your deck has less than stellar views, you have a few different options. 

An easy to install option is to use tall decorative plants, like evergreen. Whether planted in the ground or in planters, closely spaced trees are a great way to create privacy and add some life to your space. There are also decorative structures that you can use to add interest and privacy. 

For a more permanent option, you can install a privacy fence. Lattice walls are also a good choice because they let breezes pass through. 

7. Add Lighting 

If you like to use your deck at night, installing light fixtures or hanging strands of lights are both good ideas. Lighting can add ambiance and increase visibility. It can also make it easier to navigate the deck and stairs in the dark. 

When looking for lights, choose fixtures with a unique design element. That way the lights will also enhance the look of your deck in the daytime, when they’re not in use. 

8. Upgrade Railings 

To give your deck a new look, consider upgrading your deck rails. Mixed materials can help make your space look more modern. 

One great option is glass. It’s contemporary and provides unobstructed views. You can also use black metal railings for a modern look. This option is especially attractive when mixed with light contrasting deck colours. 

Another way to update your railings is to extend deck posts upwards and add cross beams. You can then add curtains, roller shades or hanging planters to add more interest and privacy. 

If your deck is too low to need railings, add bench seating around the outside of your deck. This will help reduce the chances of something falling off and is a great option for entertaining. 

9. Upgrade Your Deck

If your deck needs more than a sand and some stain, you may want to consider an upgrade.

This doesn’t mean you have to completely deconstruct your deck. If the sub structure is still in good condition you can just remove the old boards and replace them. Pressure treated wood and composite boards are great ideas for extending the life of your deck and making it look brand new.

If your deck is still in good shape, you may want to consider adding another level.

Tiered decks add drama and interest to your space. But they’re also functional. That’s because tiered decks expand the useful space and allow you to create separate areas. If your deck is already low to the ground, you can add a patio beneath. This will create the illusion of tiers and add more entertainment space. 

Before starting either of these projects, be sure to check with your municipality about whether you need a permit.

Your Backyard Can Be An Oasis With These Deck Ideas

Whether you’re installing a new deck or your old deck needs a little TLC, give these ideas a try. Just one or two can help make a big difference, giving you more time to enjoy your outdoor space, instead of stressing about it.