Canadian military cracking down on ‘hateful conduct’

Canada’s military personnel are getting new marching orders to cut back on hate among the ranks.

The orders come after a rash of high-profile incidents as the military works to recruit more women, visible minorities and Indigenous people.

‘Hateful conduct’ is defined as anything that encourages, justifies or promotes violence or hatred against anyone, be it through words, images or symbols.

It includes harassment, sexual misconduct and discrimination.

Armed forces members are required to report all incidents while commanders are expected to take action.

There’s also a database for tracking the incidents.

Among other instances, a military intelligence report in 2018 identified 30 service members as belonging to hate groups or having made discriminatory or racist statements. Sixteen of those members have been warned, disciplined or ordered to take counselling but were allowed to stay in uniform. Other cases are described as “ongoing.”

banner image via wikimedia