Carnival looking to resume vacations in August, and travellers can’t wait; bookings up 600 percent

Prices as low as $28US per night

Despite some people still stuck on cruise ships due to the COVID-19 outbreak and health officials recommending against such travel, cruise ship bookings have weighed anchor.

When Carnival announced last week it would send some of its ships back out to sea in August bookings spiked by 600 percent compared to a year ago, according to

Many those booking a cruise are younger, perhaps healthier, and unafraid of travelling.

It’s also hard to scoff at prices as low as $28US per night.

When the pandemic took hold, hundreds of travellers became stranded on cruise ships when some passengers were diagnosed with the illness.

A U.S. Centers for Disease Control no-sail order issued in March remains in effect. Unless it is extended or modified, it will expire July 24.

Carnival is planning to release eight ships Agist 1, leaving from Port Canaveral and Miami in Florida and Galveston, Texas.