Dozens of charges laid at unsanctioned truck rally at Bayfield Mall

"We will not sit back idle and tolerate this type of senseless behaviour taking place"

Denied access to the parking lot at Sadlon Arena, several hundred drivers, many in pick-up trucks, descended on the parking lot at Bayfield Mall Saturday for a planned rally.

Social media posts in the days leading to the rally boasted it would be “rowdy”, a “banger”.

The City of Barrie, in anticipation, closed the gates at Sadlon Arena.

And Barrie Police called in reinforcements from South Simcoe Police and the OPP.

In addition to the thousands of dollars in damage done to the parking lot, police say multiple charges were laid, including:

  • 29 Highway Traffic Act charges,
  • 1 charge of Stunt Driving on Bayfield Street. The involved vehicle was impounded for 14 days, and the driver’s license suspended for 30 days
  • 1 3-day license suspension
  • 3 Alcohol Screening Device tests conducted

As well, police are investigating after a fail-to-remain motor vehicle collision took place in the area of Bayfield Street and Coulter Street.

But Barrie Police Communications Coordinator, Peter Leon, said there’s more to consider.

“The five hours of constant noise, smoke, the burning of rubber, asphalt, the costs now that the property owner is probably going to have to endure to not only try to see if it can be cleaned up, but potentially have to replace the asphalt that was destroyed by these mindless individuals.”

A witness said people were encouraging others to hop in the back (of trucks) while ‘burnouts’ were happening, while others were running into traffic on Bayfield Street.

In addition, there was disruption to mall businesses that were still open, noise disrupted the evening, and sleep, for nearby residents and hotel patrons.

Leon called it “a careless use of your motor vehicle for thrill and excitement.”

“We will not sit back idle and tolerate this type of senseless behaviour taking place anywhere in our community.”

images: Michael Chorney, At The Scene Photography