Check out the Barrie Public Library’s Black History 365 collection

Extensive and free!

In Partnership with UPlift Black, a social service agency working to enhance the well-being of black people living in Simcoe County, the Barrie Public Library has a huge offering of content celebrating Black History, this month, and all-year-round.

The Black History 365 collection includes a ton of ways to learn about the ways black Canadians have contributed to cultural diversity and the prosperity of Canada, including videos exploring being black in Canada, a staff pick book list of black voices, and even a section for kids. Simcoe County’s black history is also explored thanks to a community voices section and a video hosted by local genealogist Janie Cooper-Wilson, who discusses how to research your own African Canadian roots.

The entire Black History 365 collection is free to access and if you have your library card handy (which is also completely free and easy to get), you can start checking out books right now thanks to their curbside pick-up program!

Featured image courtesy of the Government of Canada via