Child Home With Family After Being Struck In Front Of School

Parents Reminded To Avoid Accessing School Parking Lot At Peak Times

Educators are reminding parents of the need to drive safe on and around school property, after a student was struck in front of Algonquin Ridge Elementary.

A note home to parents from Principal Cory McKeown assures parents the boy is fine and home with family, adding the incident was serious in nature, but could have been “much worse”.

He urges parents and caregivers make every effort to avoid accessing the school parking lot at the busiest times of the day, as the youngest students and their parents are most in need of the limited parking and kiss-n-ride spaces available. Principal McKeown adds parents should try  to “…take a moment to talk with your children about road safety and remind them of the need to be alert and watchful at all times. The changing weather conditions of the season are making traffic more dangerous and your help with these reminders will be appreciated.”