City Council Getting First Official Look At Upcoming Budget

Proposed Budget Expected to Be Hewed Before Early December Final Vote

Barrie City Council is getting cracking on this year’s budget.

City Staff will be presenting its proposed budget for council to consider at a Monday evening meeting. As written, the budget calls for a $12.7 million, or 3.57 per cent increase over last year.

The proposed budget that will be presented at City Hall this evening is expected to highlight some of the major capital plans for which the city foots the bill, including the Harvie Road crossing, and upgrades to the city’s Wastewater Treatment Facility.

City staff were directed to indicate changes that are directly linked to provincial changes in policy or funding; to date, that means the city will have to cover an extra $1.6 million in costs that the province once did.

The budget also includes a water rate increase of 3.47%, and a wastewater rate increase of 3.83%. Parking rates are expected to remain as-is.

The budget is not written in stone; tonight’s presentation is one stage in a process that will continue with budget deliberations on December 2nd, before a final vote expected December 9th.