City makes Barrie Transit free and waives some late payment fees

Free ticket to ride as of March 20th

Barrie Transit will be free until April 6th.

Starting Friday, March 20th, riders can board the bus at no charge, but are asked to do so through the rear entrance of the bus. Those with mobility issues are encouraged to board using the front doors.

“One thing that is critical for people at this time is the ability to ride the bus to get basic things like groceries or get to jobs that we rely on at this time,” said Michael Prowse, Chief Administrative Officer. “Offering free transit creates opportunity to have riders board from back door, which reduces risk to transit operators and further supports social distancing.”

Intermittent service issues should be anticipated during this time.

The Downtown Transit Terminal remains open and City staff continues to increase sanitizing practices in the terminal and on all Barrie Transit buses.

In addition to free transit, the City will be implementing the following changes effective March 20:

• No new late fees or City imposed non-sufficient funds (NSF) charges for tax and water/wastewater bills until June 30, 2020. Residents and property owners can opt out or suspend pre-authorized payment plans (PAP) for property taxes and water wastewater bills. Complete an online form at
• No water shutoffs will be carried out until June 30, 2020.

“The City recognizes that since residents are social distancing and staying in more, there are several impacts to our day to day life,” said Mayor Jeff Lehman. “Where possible, we will look for ways to help reduce these impacts by changing policies and operations. These are extraordinary times, but I want all residents to know that your City will continue to respond to this crisis with compassion.”

The City will continually update its website at as the situation changes.