City of Barrie gets parking fine increase approved; a ticket will set you back at least 75 bucks

$75 for early payment of a parking ticket, $100 after

The City of Barrie has gotten the final okay to start charging a parking ticket fine of at least $75.

In late June, the city requested the Attorney General’s Office permit the increase in fines from $20 for early payment of a ticket to $75, and from $30 to $100 otherwise. The increase was approved just in time for the long weekend.

The parking rate increase was a step taken by Barrie City hall to curb overcrowding at area beaches. Per hour parking rates were increased as well, but many pointed out that at $10 an hour or $50 a day, it was previously cheaper to pay the ticket. Now that is no longer the case.

The City has steadily handed out hundreds of parking tickets each weekend as it works to control crowding at its beaches.

Many roadways surrounding beach areas were deemed residents-only recently, and the city has also banned all BBQs and tents from beaches, trails, and parks.