Collingwood Has Left The Building

Council Votes To End Support of Collingwood Elvis Festival Over Declining Attendance and Increased Costs

Collingwood is handing over the reigns to the Elvis Festival.

Monday night’s meeting had councillors voting to discontinue managing the event beyond the 2019 season, after assuming control of it in 2003. This doesn’t mean the festival is coming to an end; private interests have already stepped forward, while a decision from council on who gets to manage the festival has yet to be made.

A staff report shows there has been a downward trend in attendance to the festival; from 2016 to 2018, there was a 49.6% decrease in attendance. The report indicates the current festival model was not sustainable without ongoing additional funding.

Instead, town staff have been directed to look for other uses for that funding; over the next three years, and subject to budget approval, staff will reallocate resources to support and expand diversity of other community events and festivals.