Community Luncheon Takes A Turn After Several ‘Overdose’ On Pot Brownies

Warning: Brownies May Cause Side Effects

The West Parry Sound OPP are reportedly investigating a community luncheon that left several guests with dry mouth, dizziness, disorientation, nausea and vomiting.

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These side effects were the result of cannabis-infused brownies served at the community event, which police believe guests ‘overdosed’ on.

Although an overdose on marijuana is not as serious or life-threatening as overdoses on other drugs, it is in fact still possible. Using too much of the drug can have a number of different hazardous results.

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No one suffered lasting effects from the pot-infused dessert, but several people required medical attention.

No suspects have been taken into custody, however the investigation is ongoing.

Feature Image courtesy of Tim Sackton via Flickr