Cops Shut Down Barrie Convenience Store Hold-Up Spree

Thirty-One Charges Laid In Connection to Six Armed Robberies

Barrie Police say they’ve ended an armed robbery spree with the arrest of a local man.

Officers were called out to a convenience store on Cundles Road around 9:00 on the evening of July 20th, with reports of an armed hold up there. Upon arrival, a suspect was located not far off, and taken into custody. Police say there were plenty of similarities between this theft and others dating back to January.

Closer examination led police to charge the 28-year-old man in connection to thefts at other convenience stores throughout Barrie, on a total of six separate dates; two armed robberies in January, one each in February, April, June, and July.

The suspect is facing a total of 31 criminal charges including Resisting Arrest, Robbery With a Firearm, and Disguise with Intent.