County Council Reviewing Pros and Cons of Bradford Departure

County Warden Hopes to Continue Working with Bradford

The County of Simcoe’s head honcho says information getting out there about Bradford’s potential departure may not be accurate.

Warden George Cornell said in a statement today that county staff have been directed to undertake an inclusive analysis into the potential impacts of Bradford-West Gwillimbury leaving the county altogether.

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” Despite these processes and undertakings, it is the County‚Äôs desire to continue to work with the Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury as our partners.” says Warden Cornell. “Regardless of what may or may not come of this local process and position, or even what changes might come out of the Provincial Regional Government Review, the County will continue to work very hard to provide the most appropriate and efficient services and investments that we can for the benefit of all our residents.”

Earlier this month, Bradford-West Gwillimbury sent off a letter to the province, informing them of the desire to depart the County of Simcoe and form its own city, citing not only an ongoing regional government review, but also an expanding population that indicates it’s time Bradford strike out on its own.