COVID-19 assessment centre opens in Barrie

The centre is located at the rear building of the Eagle Ridge complex at 490 Huronia Road

In order to meet the growing needs of area residents with medical concerns related to COVID-19, a dedicated assessment centre has opened in the south end of Barrie.

Located at 490 Huronia Road, the centre is in the rear building of the Eagle Ridge complex and is not at the Huronia Urgent Care Clinic.

The assessment centre is open seven days a week, from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

People who attend may experience lengthy waits. Bring your valid Ontario health card to speed up the process.

When an individual arrives at the assessment centre, a healthcare professional will provide each person with the necessary care and instructions for follow up, if required. The swab test for COVID-19 is not being provided at the assessment centre; however, should the healthcare team determine you require a swab, you will be sent to the emergency department at Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre.

“It is really important for people to be informed of what are the symptoms of COVID-19,” said Jancie Skot, RVH President and Chief Executive Officer. “If these are mild symptoms, that’s a personal judgement call. Stay home and self-monitor. But if you are having that need for reassurance from a health professionals based on the fact you have COVID-19 symptoms, then come to the assessment centre.”

Skot said they are trying to ensure our emergency department stays open for those in an emergency not related to COVID-19 and at the same time meeting the public’s need.

“These are anxious times and people need reassurance.”

Please understand:

  • It is NOT a walk in clinic
  • It is ONLY for assessment of COVID-19 – but this does NOT include the swab test – the swab test is NOT needed for those with mild symptoms –which at this time is the majority of people seeking treatment/assessment
  • Patients who are assessed, and deemed at high risk for COVID-19 will be re-directed to RVH Emergency department for the next assessment, which would likely include a swab; this is expedited in a designated area
  • Physicians at the assessment centre WILL NOT be providing ‘return to work’ notes – that is not the function of this clinic. They will provide instructions to patients to either self-monitor, or self-isolate based on that assessment
  • For the most part, people with symptoms of COVID-19 can and will safely recover at home and the self-isolation period is so they don’t pass it along to others
  • Physicians at this clinic will not be writing prescriptions
  • Please remind people to DRESS WARMLY / APPROPRIATELY as some of the waits may be outside of the building to ensure appropriate social distancing

This assessment centre is a partnership between the Barrie Community Health Centre, Barrie and Community Family Medicine Clinics, Barrie and Community Family Health Team, Huronia Urgent Care Clinic, County of Simcoe, Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit, and Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre.