Dad celebrates the last day of school by playing “School’s out” when his son comes home

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It won’t be long until the kids are done school for the summer, and one Minneapolis dad took the opportunity to embarrass his son in the coolest way possible.

As the school bus dropped his son off at home, Matt Wilson greeted him on the driveway with his band, and they blasted Alice Cooper’s “School’s Out.”

The video was captioned with ‘Why embarrass your kid by just existing, when you can do this?”

While speaking to a Minneapolis news station, Wilson said that wasn’t the first time he embarrassed his son on the last day of school.

The year before, he wore Speedos and ran down the street in flippers and a snorkel mask as the bus dropped him off.

His son is good about it, and lucky for him, this is the last year he’s taking the bus.

feature image from Matthew Wilson Facebook