Damage still being assessed after tree falls on north Barrie home during Sunday windstorm

No injuries reported

Sunday’s muscular wind storm certainly left its mark across the region. There were many reports of downed hydro wires and tree branches, and in at least one case in north Barrie, an entire tree fell onto a house.

Homeowner Jane Hanes says it was very sudden. “I was in the kitchen, and my mother and husband are in the living room, and I heard this big crash. And then I come in, I said, ‘What just happened?’ And Mark [her husband] says, ‘oh, the tree just fell through the house.’ But we were in shock all night long. It was very loud,” she told Barrie 360 Monday morning. “The winds came up as quick as they went away.”

While there were no injuries as a result of the felling, Hanes says there is plenty of work needed on her home. “The whole wall is going to have to be taken down. The steel roof has three holes,” Hanes said, adding they’re still assessing the damage. “Our insurance was called today, so they’ll be coming to assess it.”

“It happened within seconds,” she said. “And my mom had just said 10 minutes before we’re supposed to get up to 80, 90 mile an hour winds, and then five minutes later, this happens. It was crazy.”