Dig into your history with the Barrie Public Libary

The Barrie Public Library is hosting an online Genealogy Fair which will let you connect with genealogy experts and get started researching your family history.

This 2-day event invites both beginners and more experienced researchers to explore a wide range of topics and areas through zoom conferences and video presentations. You can also bring your own research questions to be answered during special Q&A sessions.

“We have a fantastic selection of topics scheduled, whether exploring DNA discussions with Mags Gaulden of Grandma’s Genes or the rich history of African Canadian Genealogy with local expert, Janie Cooper-Wilson. A big bonus for researchers this year is free at-home access to the Ancestry.com database available until 2021 – so everyone can easily and safely search from home,” announced Programming and Outreach Librarian Laura Lambert. “We have found that genealogy as a hobby has grown substantially, with more time to unravel the mysteries of the past than ever before.” Given the popularity of the topic, the Library has expanded the event to include two days of online presentations. “Connecting learners with information is where we shine,” adds Lambert.

The event takes place on October 23rd and 24th and you can check out all the details here.

Featured image courtesy of New Scientist via newscientist.com