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Published April 2, 2024

Foveal Vision Training


740 Huronia Rd, Barrie, ON
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Foveal is a state of the art facility that helps train and retrain the eye to provide clearer, more comfortable, and effortless vision. Specializing in vision therapy, Foveal will take you through non-invasive, doctor-supervised programs that are tailored for the specific needs of each patient.

Not only does Foveal help students with vision problems, making homework and other tasks easier, but they also work with patients suffering from Amblyopia/Strabismus (Commonly known as “lazy eye”), lack of binocular vision, and head injuries that can affect visual systems.

Vision Therapy can help correct a number of visual dysfunctions including:

Our ability to focus the eyes quickly and accurately depending on the distance of the object. Sometimes our accommodative muscles do not flex enough or they may flex too much. This can cause objects to be blurry all the time, only sometimes or ‘flicker’ on and off.

Our ability to coordinate our vision between both of our eyes equally. Sometimes our eyes cannot cross or uncross together simultaneously which can send mixed signals to the brain. This can make words appear mixed together, split into two or side by side.

When our eyes cannot properly coordinate together the brain has a hard time interpreting what is being seen. Letters and words can often appear backwards or in the wrong place. This can make reading very difficult and sentences very hard to comprehend.

In more severe cases, the brain can sometimes perceive unrecognizable patterns when we try to perform certain tasks. The brain cannot understand the information relayed from the eyes. When reading, it is difficult to understand how words interact with each other. Letters can sometimes appear as symbols or appear backwards.

Foveal also works with athletes to improve the way they receive and process visual information. No matter the sport, eye-hand coordination, tracking, reaction time, and dynamic visual acuity are all essential skills that can be trained and improved to give you a competitive edge.

There are a few ways you could describe Foveal, but boring definitely isn’t one of them. With the latest in visual training tech (including a virtual reality system), they make the process interactive and fun. It’s the best time you’ll have at the doctors.

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