Digital driver’s licenses and health cards coming to Ontario

Convenient, easy and more secure than paper identification

Queen’s Park says it will offer digital identification by the end of the year — driver’s licences and health cards that could be put in the digital wallet on your smartphone.

The government says it will be convenient, easy and more secure than carrying a paper identification. “For example, if you need to show you are age of majority, the verifier will only know you are over 18, not your date of birth or actual age.”

Digital IDs would not be used to track where you use them.

Among other things, the digital ID would allow individuals to:

  • Make an age-sensitive purchase (like a lottery ticket)
  • Pick up a package at the post office
  • Apply for government assistance (such as disability support) or benefits (such as CERB or EI)
  • Access and use vaccination records
  • Open a bank account
  • Make a medical appointment
  • Visit a doctor
  • Access medical records online
  • Get, renew or replace a driver’s licence
  • Apply for, renew or replace a health card
  • Renew or replace a licence plate sticker

As a business, the digital ID can be used for:

  • Hiring new employees
  • Proving business identity or verify those of other businesses
  • Open business accounts
  • Apply for loans, grants, tax credits
  • Verify customers’ identity

The government has yet to launch the digital ID program.

When it does, residents will be able to download the Ontario digital wallet app to their mobile device or computer. 

feature image: Marco Verch via flickr