Good news: Discovery shows might be coming to Crave

Does anyone actually subscribe to Discovery Plus?

WarnerMedia is wrapping up a $43 million deal to buy Discovery and this could be good news for content streamers.

The deal, which was set to close later this year, looks to be going smoother than expected and the companies have announced that the merger may close as soon as April or June.

Along with Netflix, Disney Plus, and Peacock, Discovery had rolled out its own streaming service to compete with the others. However, Discovery Plus didn’t seem to have a surplus of content to warrant its own separate service, and it never really took off. While Discovery used to be the place for science and documentaries, their programming has been steadily increasing in unscripted reality shows like Naked and Afraid, Deadliest Catch, and Cash Cab.

However, a merger between the two companies doesn’t guarantee Discovery programming will be coming to Crave. Unlike HBO Max, which is run directly by WarnerMedia in the United States, Crave is run by Bell Canada. It’s likely that Crave will receive access to the content, but it might take a little while longer and isn’t a foregone conclusion.

For now, you can still subscribe to Discovery Plus for $5 a month, but it’s likely this merger spells the end for the streaming service. On the other hand, Crave is looking to have a great year with new shows like House of the Dragon and Our Flag Means Death along with the long-awaited seasons of favourites like Barry and Westworld.

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It’s hard to complain about getting access to more shows on a single service, let’s just hope they don’t hike the price up.

Are there any shows you’re excited to watch if Discovery comes to Crave?

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