Disney fans rejoice: Check out the brand new trailer for Cruella

If you haven’t noticed, it seems like every movie that has ever been made is getting some sort of prequel, sequel, reboot, or remake and it doesn’t matter whether it was released last year or last century. Disney is no stranger to this trend and now you can watch the brand-new trailer for Cruella.

Going the route of recent films like Joker, Cruella will explore the backstory of the infamous dog-wearing antagonist from 101 Dalmatians. While Emma Stone is absolutely perfect in the role and looks to be having a lot of fun, she is also joined by some other big names like Emma Thompson and Mark Strong.

Cruella is set to release on May 28, however, due to the uncertainty of whether or not theatres will be open by then, it might be coming straight to Disney+.

Featured image courtesy of Entertainment Tonight via etonline.com