Disney is giving everyone an unexpected Christmas gift

Well, everyone who has Disney+

Pixar’s upcoming animated feature will be premiering on Disney+ on December 25th and it will be free to watch for all subscribers!

Disney has been a trailblazer of sorts when it comes to adapting to the new theatre-less world (for now). The last film Disney released straight to digital was Mulan and despite having a premium price tag (on top of the regular subscription fee) it did very well for the company.  “In terms of Soul, we also realized that part of the lifeblood Disney+ is providing great content to the base level subscribers that are in there. So the idea is that we thought it was a really nice gesture to our subscribers to take Soul during the holiday period and provide that as part of the service,” said Disney CEO Bob Chapek.

For those who don’t know, Soul is the newest animated and family-friendly film from Pixar studios and while it isn’t Christmas themed, it could still be a perfect film to watch with the whole family on Christmas.

Featured image courtesy of Collider via collider.com