Dog Found On Side of Road, Protecting Kittens from the Elements

Offers Flow in For Serenity, Dog Credited with Saving Kittens from the Elements

The goodest of puppers is getting plenty of well-deserved online love.

A stray dog was found sheltering a group of kittens from the cold on the side of the road in Chatham-Kent earlier this month; the shelter that took in the animals says the pooch was spotted curled up around the kittens, keeping them warm, before a passerby spotted the creatures and brought them to shelter.

The Pet And Wildlife Rescue posted about the story, along with some pictures of the proud-looking pup and her kitten friends.

The kittens have since been taken in by a foster family until they’re old enough for adoption. Offers to adopt the dog, since named Serenity, have flooded into the shelter, who describes her as having “quirks” but is “obviously great with cats.”