“Dora the Explorer” cheekily tells players to use a map to find the end zone during Super Bowl

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Move over Usher and Taylor Swift because there was an unexpected shining star of the Super Bowl, Dora the Explorer.

The famous cartoon explorer was on hand during the game to explain the rules of football during the Super Bowl LVIII’s Nickelodeon-themed broadcast for younger audiences.

It’s a great idea for kids and adults who are just getting into it.

However, she’s gone viral for her sassy comment during the game, throwing shade at both teams.

During the first quarter of the Kansas City Chiefs vs. San Francisco 49ers match, she popped up on the screen saying, “OK. Who needs a map to find the end zone?”

People loved her response, and after watching a few of her other segments, she had great advice.

She should come back next year.

Feature image from NFL VIA X