Driver Charged After Vehicle Showed Up At RIDE Check Stinking of Sticky-Icky

Bradford Man Walking for 90 Days Following Licence Suspension

A Bradford man is up on Impaired Driving charges after cops say he drove up to a RIDE check reeking of pot.

The South Simcoe Police had the spot check set up near the 400 and 5th Line when the vehicle approached shortly before midnight Wednesday. While speaking to the driver, officers say they caught a strong whiff of marijuana coming from the car, while the driver was showing signs of impairment.

He was taken downtown and given a drug evaulation test. The 22-year-old lad is now facing a series of charges, while his licence was suspended for 90 days.

Another RIDE check Wednesday night on Innisfil Beach Rd near 10th Sideroad saw 134 vehicles stopped. Of those, one unlicenced driver was charged, one novice driver was caught with a blood-alcohol level above zero, and two 3-day suspensions handed out for drivers in the ‘warn’ range.