Ducks Unlimited Canada has named their newest “Wetland Hero”

Nine-year-old Parker Beaudry has been named Duck’s Unlimited Canada’s newest Wetland Hero by helping spread awareness of the importance of preserving Canadian wetlands.

Wetland Heroes are young people under the age of 25 who take action to protect and conserve Canadian wetlands. Small action or big project, every little bit helps and Wetland Heroes can be individuals, classes, schools, or community youth clubs.

After switching to home learning, Parker joined his mom, who is a conservation specialist, on a field trip of sorts. Parker would take pictures, notes, and his observations even reached thousands of people on DUC’s social media channels. “I was excited to go on the site visits, and I learned a lot,” says Parker. “I learned wetlands are hard to build. Really hard. It’s better to keep the wetlands we have than build new ones.”

“It’s important to share the value of our wetlands, and the message is even more powerful when it comes from our kids,” says Mariane Bolla, DUC’s national head of education. “We are inspired by young leaders like Parker, who are working to make a difference for our wetlands and the wildlife that inhabit them.”