Dunlop Street Improvements Setting The City Back More Than Expected

Revitalization Project Costing $2.5 Million More than Estimated

The cost to fix up Dunlop St. is over two million higher than anticipated.

Barrie City Hall put together an estimate on what the revitalization project would cost, pegging it at about $9.2 million. Following that, the city began looking for someone who could do the work.

Two bids came back, the cheapest of which was about $2.5 million. “It’s very similar to if you were going to do some work, like a bathroom in your house.” says Councillor Doug Shipley, “You’d guess it’d be five thousand dollars, and you go out and get some quotes and it comes back at $7,500 and you’ve got to decide if you’re going to do the job or not.”

Shipley adds that delaying the process to find another bid may prove even more costly. “We could have waited another year, and put it out to tender again. The fear was, we would have to put the job off another year, and prices would go up.”

While this particular project is over the estimated cost, Shipley points out it won’t break the bank, as many other projects come in under budget. “After the last few tenders, we’re actully still under. We’re under by about $5 million in total in our tendering process budget. So we’re under, we’ve got some reserves, so we’ve brought that $2.5 million out of reserve.”

The first phase of the project is expected to begin in the Fall.