Why eating oranges in the shower is highly recommended

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Have you ever eaten an orange in the shower?

Apparently, you should.

A Tik Tok user recently posted on the benefits of eating citrus fruit in the shower, and the experience is supposed to be life-changing.

First, there’s practicality because you don’t have to worry about making a mess.

I love oranges, but the mess when peeling the suckers is annoying.

Then there’s the taste. The humidity from the shower acts as a flavour enhancer, making everything taste so much better.

And then, finally, the amazing smell. Skip the essential oils because your shower will smell 100% naturally beautiful. The scent of citrus is supposed to ease stress, so it’s a win all around.


People say they have tried this and it was indeed awesome and worth the hype.

Other fruits to try includes peaches and strawberries

Comments on the video say that eating oranges in a shower isn’t new, with it being a custom in some countries while in a sauna.

hmmm.. worth a shot.

@au.stino Replying to @rxskiii oranges are just better eaten this way. #HolidayOREOke #oranges #fyp #relatable #foryou #explore #seekdiscomfort ♬ JD Agri Photography – Jack📸🚜

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