Feeling Frozen in November

Record breaking low temperatures across the region

Cold enough for you? Not an usual question to ask someone in January. A little ridiculous having to ask that question in the middle of November. A frigid air mass that has settled in across southern Ontario shattered low temperature records for this date.

Environment Canada says the low in Barrie this morning was -24.2, obliterating the record of -11.5, which sounds positively balmy, set in 1983. At the Muskoka Airport, the low of -22 wiped out the record of -16.5, also set in 1983. Elsewhere in Simcoe-Muskoka, the numbers were just as teeth chattering:

New Record of -16.3
Old Record of -7 set in 1996

*Lagoon City
New Record of -15.9
Old Record of -7.7 set in 1996

New Record of -22.1
Old Record of -9.5 set in 1997

This cold is for the birds! Kempenfelt Bay 11-14-19

The normal high temperature in Barrie for this time of year is plus 5. The overnight low should be around -2. Environment Canada says the mercury will rebound to +4 by Sunday.

If you think fleeing to the U.S. south is the answer, think again. The wind chill value in New Orleans this morning was -5, and -1 in northern Florida.