Five episodes of South Park have been cut from HBO Max

but it's nothing new

HBO Max has purchased streaming rights to all 23 seasons of South Park but has chosen to omit 5 episodes due to their depiction of the Prophet Muhammed.

The Episodes Super Best Friends, Cartoon Wars Part 1, Cartoon Wars Part 2, 200, and 201, will not be included with the streaming service due to their controversial nature, but the decision has some fans scratching their heads, seeing as most South Park episodes can be categorized as “controversial”.

While the decision has been made for HBO Max, other streaming services along with television networks that run the show, have already been leaving these five episodes out of the rotation and even here in Canada, Crave does not include these episodes.

While HBO has yet to give a specific reason for the omissions, Doug Herzog, former president of Comedy Central, cited concerns for the safety of the production team stating, “We were protecting everyone who works here. That was the decision we needed to make”, after censoring the episodes 200 and 201 when they originally aired in 2010.

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