Flags downtown and along Barrie’s waterfront to recognize community heroes during COVID-19 pandemic

The Barrie Heroes Campaign was launched last month

Many of Barrie’s heroes who went above and beyond during the COVID-19 pandemic will be featured on flags in the city’s downtown and along the waterfront.

This is part of the Barrie Heroes campaign launched by the City last month, where residents were asked to share photos and stories of community heroes. The flags will feature the photos that were shared with the City during this campaign and frontline workers.

“The Barrie Heroes campaign was about showcasing appreciation for the many acts of kindness that members of the community have experienced during this unprecedented time,” said Mayor Jeff Lehman. “From what was shared with us this past month, it’s clear there have been so many selfless acts in neighbourhoods, on the front lines and in the community. This campaign highlights just how caring and compassionate our city is.”

The flags go up this week and will be there all summer.

Photos and stories: https://www.barrie.ca/assets/covid-19-barrie-heroes/default.html

Banner picture: barrie.ca/heroes