Ford Government Abolishing LHINs in Favour of Super Agency

Amid Fears of Privatization, Health Minister Says To Trust in Your OHIP Card

The provincial tories are introducing changes to the health care system with claims it will reduce hallway patient care, while some worry it will lead to privatization.

The Ford government today announced it is creating a centralized health agency called Ontario Health, that would oversee the province’s healthcare system. This super agency would be formed by dissolving all fourteen Local Health Integration Networks, including the North Simcoe Muskoka LHIN headquartered in Barrie.

This single agency is said to provide a central point of accountability and oversight for the province’s 60 billion dollar healthcare system. No word during this morning’s announcement from Ontario Health Minister Christine Elliott on how many will lose their jobs or how much money this will save the province.

Earlier this month, the NDP had leaked a draft of this plan, warning at the time this would lead to privatization of healthcare. Elliott this morning said the plan is based on a public model, that folks will continue to pay for health care using the same OHIP card as always.