Ford government says legislation on the way to freeze rent in 2021

The province banned residential evictions in the early days of the pandemic

People who rent might be spared an increase.

The Ford government says it will introduce rent control legislation so the “vast majority” of tenants do not face increases in 2021.

A spokesperson for Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing Steve Clark confirmed a bill is in the pipeline to “ensure that a vast majority of families do not see a rent increase next year.”

The maximum allowable increase this year was supposed to have been 1.5 per cent. Under current legislation rent increases on units that had not been previously occupied prior to November 2018 are capped, at about the rate of inflation.

“Since the very beginning of COVID-19, our government has called on landlords and tenants to come together and be reasonable with each other – and landlords and tenants across the province have shown the Ontario spirit by doing just that. In that spirit, our government is announcing our intention to stabilize rents for Ontario’s 1.6 million rental households,” according to a statement on behalf of Clark.

The statement indicated the government will “engage tenant and landlord groups” to ensure that it is “fair and balanced.”

“We know that families are continuing to be impacted by COVID-19. We know landlords have worked hard to be accommodating and have made sacrifices. And we know that by continuing to work together, we will move past this extraordinary time and increase housing – so that every Ontarian can find a home that suits their needs and their budget,” the statement reads.

In the early days of the pandemic the Ford government banned residential evictions. Earlier this month the province began allowing the Landlord and Tenant Board to consider eviction requests again.