Ford government vowing to freeze rent in 2021

New bill tabled that would freeze rent-controlled and non-rent-controlled units next year

Queen’s Park is making moves to freeze rent for the majority of Ontario’s tenants.

Premier Doug Ford announced on Thursday his government is tabling the Helping Tenants and Small Businesses Act that would freeze rent for rent-controlled and non-rent-controlled residential units in 2021. The bill has yet to be passed into law.

“The crisis is far from over and the threat of a second wave is real, as are the challenges it will bring,” said Premier Ford. “That’s why we need to take the necessary steps now to help families keep a roof over their heads and small businesses keep their doors open.”

This proposal also aims to change existing acts to extend the temporary ban on evictions for commercial tennants. The ban was initially in place from May 1 to August 31 to align with federal assistance plans. The temporary ban would continue to apply to those small businesses that qualify for federal aid. The Ford Government claims over 50,000 tenants have received support through provincial support to small businesses.