Take all the obstacles there might have been in supporting local and throw them out the window. FreshSpoke is the new mecca when it comes to those who care deeply about the food they eat and where it comes from. If it’s made locally, you will find it here.

FreshSpoke’s expertly curated selection of meats, produce, and handcrafted food is not only 100% local, but there are also tons of options for those with dietary preferences including organic, vegan, or ketogenic. Sourced directly from local producers, you will taste the freshness with every bite.

Along with supporting local, FreshSpoke also supports the planet by ensuring they are as environmentally conscious as they can be. Deliveries to their warehouse are brought over using excess space on delivery trucks, cutting down on emissions and orders are packed in reusable and returnable totes so there is no wasted cardboard!

So how do you go about ordering all the wonderful food from FreshSpoke? Simply head over to the website, pick out all your favourites, schedule a day for delivery or curbside pickup, and that’s it! They even have an app you can download on your phone that makes getting fresh, local food even easier.


Clearview Tea Company

Unique, flavourful blends of pure loose-leaf and organic tea from Creemore.

Stone Temple Coffee

Specialized premium roasted coffee for the discriminating connoisseur from Cherry Valley.

The County Cola Company

carefully crafted premium soda using the best ingredients from Picton.

Norview Dairy Goat Cheese

Family-run and milking all-year-round to produce the highest quality goat cheese from Arthur.

Martin’s Family Fruit Farm

Delicious, flavourful, and crisp apples, grown in Waterloo.

Pasta Tavola

Artisan crafted pasta and sauces packed with hearty ingredients from Belleville.